Mommy Needs Vodka: Charlie Horses and the End

Charlie Horses and the End

I recently posted this to my Facebook page, and got some good stories and remedies in the comments, so I thought I'd share my own funny story here.

This always happens for me at the least opportune moments! Last week, I was shopping with my mom and it started as I was pulling in to the parking lot at Sam's Club. (She wanted to get me a membership there for Christmas so we planned to get that first.) 

I managed to hobble in but by the time we reached the Membership counter, my right foot completely seized up and I was standing there leaning over the cart, massaging my foot, cringing and going, "ouch, ouch, aaauugghh!" My mom was all, "can I get you a Tylenol?" as the other shoppers began to stare.  So I tried to set my foot back down, but my leg below the knee cramped up too in protest. I grabbed my leg and was hopping around bent over going "ouch, aaauugghh!" At which point my mom kind of stepped away a bit, no doubt like, "I don't know this woman." Took a full 10 more minutes to work out the cramp. 

And of course my new Sam's Club ID picture shows me wincing right at the camera like a deranged jack-o-lantern. 


  1. I can relate to this problem.

  2. This happens to me all the time. I also roll my pinkie toe weird sometimes and it feels like I broke it. I hear potassium helps.

    1. It does. Especially if you take water pills (diuretics).

  3. You should blog more! Can totally relate!

  4. Potassium is really the only thing that actually works great. I get them so bad that my muscles will be so sore from being locked up. Oh the Joys if growing old lol My Mother keeps telling me she doesn't recommend getting old by no means lol

  5. Drink pickle juice or apple cider vinegar it works almost instantly. I get those at night mostly amd i get the pickle jar and take a big drink of the juice and 9 out of 10 times it works for me.

  6. It's the vinegar...mouth full of mustard also works


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