Mommy Needs Vodka: My Son's Teacher is an Idiot

My Son's Teacher is an Idiot

(c) Lee MacMillan

Alright, so I get this call last week from my son's teacher: "Hi! How are you doing?"

Me: "You're about to tell me."

Her: "Well, we had a little problem today..." in her serious, purring voice.

I'm thinking, OMG, he's got a broken bone, peed in the middle of the classroom, all these things running through my mind. There is no rhyme or reason to this woman's calls home. One time Simon cut both his knees to where he nearly needed stitches, and it was a shock to see him come off the bus all bloody, and no phone call from the school. But she called once when he stuck his tongue out after a fellow classmate called him a bad name. So I just never know.

Her: "We were just doing some work with scissors--the kid scissors, of course..."

Me: "Uh-huh.." I'm growing more alarmed by the second, grabbing my car keys, ready to fly down there to pick him up to rush him in to get stitches.

Her: "And, it just happened so suddenly! One minute he's there cutting his construction paper, and with 20 kids I can't keep my eye on each one every second..."

Me: "Yeah?!" I'm yanking my coat off the hanger in my closet.

Her: "...but when I looked over, he had the scissors right above his eye..."

Me: "YEAH???!!!" I'm shoving my feet into my shoes.

Her: "..and he cut off a piece of his hair," she finished anxiously, as though he had cut out his own eyeball.

Me: "Oh." I'm frozen still, then slowly begin to take off my shoes. "That's it?"

Her: "He cut it pretty close to the scalp. You can tell where he cut it."

Me: "Okay. Well, is he ok?"

Her: "He's fine, but he cut his hair."

Me: "But he's fine?"

Her: "It's right in the front."

Me: "Oh."  WTF am I supposed to say?

Her: "I have the hair. I'm putting it in a little baggie for him to take home with him."


Me: Speechless. I have to refrain from asking, "Am I supposed to glue it back on?" I finally manage, "You don't need to do that."

Her: "Really? Ok, I'll just toss it then if that's what you want."

Me: "That's what his barber does. He's scheduled to get a cut on Wednesday anyway."

Her: "Well, I just wanted to let you know."

Me: "I appreciate you keeping me informed."

That afternoon I had to squint to see where he'd cut it, he had to point it out to me. He’d cut like 5 strands maybe a half-inch off.


  1. I'm loving your blog and nominated you for a Liebster Award. Details are on my site at http//

  2. Awwwww.....thank you! I'd never heard of this award before; glad to know someone's actually reading my blog! :) You're sweet. Also thanks for pointing out those other winners - I love A Detailed House, especially now that my Elle Decor subscription is running out. Thanks again!

  3. Soooo...I'm guessing that she doesn't have any kids of her own. If she does, GOD HELP THEM.

    Every kid cuts their hair. My son also cut his in Kindergarten. To the scalp. On the night before pictures. At 8:00pm when everything was closed. He also cut his cousin's hair. His GIRL cousin. That was a bit more traumatic.


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