Mommy Needs Vodka: Mommy Needs Vodka -- But Wants More Out of Life

Mommy Needs Vodka -- But Wants More Out of Life

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Mommy Needs Vodka is a fine blog name.

For obvious reasons, for the past 6 months I have felt very BULLIED to give it up due to a “famous” mommy blogger (didn’t know there was such a thing when I started this website, honest to God) who identifies herself very strongly with a similar blog name. I do not identify myself with any web name, etc, so I don’t relate to that at all.

But that’s a different post for a different time.

My post for today is this: I’ve always been “a writer.”  To me, that’s completely different from being “a blogger.” Not saying one is better than the other; they are just different. There are all different kinds of writing, and writing an online diary is just one of many avenues for expression.

When I started a blog 3 ½ years ago, I began it only as a means to cut down on email. I had no clue about SEO, Pagerank, promotion, etc. I was ignorant, and was also when I started this website. Now all I’ve gotten is harassed by “pranksers” from this other mommy blogger. So, please, pretty please, knock it off. I get like 8 readers per day, & only half of those are actually “my” readers.

This in no way threatens someone who gets 8K hits per MONTH. FWIW I offered even to sell this site for merely the $13 I paid to start it. I had no idea that it would be a problem.

I started this blog as merely a way to express myself to a small number of friends so that I could vent about the humorous and often difficult aspect of toddlerhood for the working mommy. That’s all.

Anyway, onward….since I do want to get more freelance work, lately I’ve been thinking more about starting a separate site that just features a more professional side; I mean, I can’t just approach a magazine, etc, and go, “Oh, check out my Writing on Mommy Needs Vodka dot com” ya know?

Still, I want to vent over here.

Beyond that, though, I don’t want to Box Myself In. Lately I’ve been exploring other means of creative expression that have been stifled by years of working corporate and raising kids. I want Me back! It seems that the baby/toddler years, in addition to working, are so taxing, that there hasn’t been much left for anything else.

Do other moms feel this way?


  1. I'll chime in to say that you can blog however you want to. No one 'owns' one name unless they have paid to have it copyrighted.
    My blog is small, small, small. I read small bloggers, bloggers with more readers, and the occasional mega blog. ALthough I find that mega bloggers tend to lose me after awhile if they insist that life is all sunshine and roses.
    And on the whole "me" thing? My youngest is now in middle school. I am now working part time outside the house and full flippin time inside it. Finding new roles as we grow is not something just for kids...we all do it. Good luck with your explorations - it's fun and scary all at the same time.

    1. Actually, you "can" own a website FULL name or brand - through Trademark - and that is whether you've got a pending trademark, haven't filed for one at all but have proof of using it first (typically use of the .com name or some type of written publication that is dated and was published), or own it after filing for it. This makes it against the law to copy someone's website name, product, book title, etc, WORD FOR WORD on the title - that's a Trademark violation. However, I did not do that - my blog name is UNIQUE. (Or it WAS until someone DID copy it Word For Word by putting spammy dashes in the title to get a domain name - super lame!)

      That said, what you CAN do is have SOME words in your blog name that are the same as other blogs. For instance, to tell someone they can't have the word "mommy" in their blog title is ridiculous on its own, or a combo of 2 of the 3 words, such as "mommy needs" or "needs vodka" or "Mommy Vodka." Which is the case in the situation I wrote about here. This is NOT a trademark violation.

      Copyright violation occurs when someone copies a photo or text from your blog w/out giving proper credit or without receiving permission from the author/photographer of that work. Copyright is actually FREE as soon as you publish something online, a cache exists and you can prove you are the original owner, and sue the crap out of someone and/or have their entire domain shut down for copyright violation. The DMCA is a good source to go through if this occurs.

      So, that is the difference between Trademark and Copyright :)

  2. it's not so surprising someone else is a mommy who needs vodka. i personally know several who do. maybe we should all start blogs with a similar name in protest ;) i say you stay!

  3. Thanks for your comments, they are appreciated! No one "owns" the blogosphere, and what mommy does NOT need vodka? Very few! Rebecca, love your website!


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