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Not a Morning Person? Here are 37 Memes for the Morning-Challenged

Allergic to Mornings? These are for you!

Do you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and alive? Me neither! Some of us need a little (or let's face it, a lot) of caffeine to perk us up. So if you're as allergic to mornings as I am, you'll be able to relate to most of these!


30 Memes I Posted that Highly Offended People

Safe For Work (Mostly) Memes That Offended

It should be common sense that if you're an easily offended or an extremely sensitive-to-Facebook-posts individual, my Facebook page(s) are probably not for you. Mommy Needs Vodka is the title, folks, not I Love Being a Perfect Mommy. And that's okay. I actually started my main MNV page and Mommy Needs Vodka 2.0 because I have family and friends on my personal wall who don't share our bawdy sense of humor. I say "our" because the majority of my followers not only appreciate the humor I share each day, they actually come back with comments even more hilarious than the posts themselves! And I love you all for it. 

But the internet is not without the Debbie Downers, or the ones who say, "I love the majority of your posts, but this one is just Not Right!" Sadly, I cannot please 3 million people with every single post. Hell, I can't even please myself with half of what I do in life, let alone millions of people 100% of the time. 

(I'll start by offending you all with the "30" in the title when there are so far slightly fewer...but I'm planning to add to it in the future.)

Here are some of the latest, greatest offenders:

1. Easter Eggs that Promote Socialism

The level off butthurt and self-righteousness was off the charts on this one!  Apparently, we need to teach our 3 year olds that competing with 10 year olds for Easter eggs in the yard is an important "life is not fair" lesson. Make 'em cry if you have to....the important thing is, Life Is Not Fair, and Easter Sunday is the time to show them that. Otherwise, you're just promoting socialism.

25 Puns that Will Make You Laugh...and Roll Your Eyes

25 Puns That Will Make You Groan - and Laugh

Here are some of my favorite fun puns to brighten your day!


25 Memes with Nostalgia that Kids Today Will Never Understand

25 Nostalgia Memes

Let's raise a glass to this stroll down memory lane! From the last generations before technology took over our lives entirely, here are some oh-so-true memes to remind us of how awesome (and difficult) our childhoods really were. Because let's face it...the struggle was definitely real!


My 22 Favorite TV Shows of the '80s

22 Best TV Shows of the '80s

- Do you agree?

My childhood was awesome, due in part to the TV shows that I loved as a kid and still treasure watching again as an adult and sharing with my own kids! 

Here are some of my absolute favorite shows that I watched as a kid growing up in the 80s.

1. Facts of Life

Jo was my favorite character, but I loved watching the whole gang have a blast sharing one dorm room and solving all their problems within a half hour.